Monday, September 29, 2014

Enduring OUR Trials Well

            Most people talk about having a love like Romeo & Juliet, but this isn't exactly who we should be idealize; after all their union ended in double suicide.  Their marriage didn't last long due to their early deaths, nor was it tested. Love is meant to be tested!

            It’s unrealistic to think that marriage is going to be all roses and love poems.  Marriages, often tested as couples experience the ups and downs of life together. Unlike other relationships marriages are set up to last and withstand these trials. 

For example, infertility is a common trial that some married couples face.  There are countless others that could be listed.  So what about marriage keeps a couple together?  One guess could be wedding vows.  The vows we make the day we are married strengthen our commitment to one another and help us through the challenges of life.  You may be asking, “How can a bunch of words said aloud offer support to a marriage?”  I believe our promise to one another and God greatly affects our thoughts and actions after marriage. 

Our wedding vows become more than just words when we think about them in this manner.  It is our wedding vows when held in such regard that dictate our actual commitment to one another.  That commitment ultimately keeps us working on our marriage and holding tight to one another instead of jumping ship at the first, fifth, or even the 100th trial.  Married couples make it through that 100th trial all the time, but maybe the world is too focused on those that don’t last past their fifth.  It is up to you to notice and cling to the GREAT examples out there.  Marriage is meant to last, so what will you do to ensure that yours becomes one of the GREATS?

            After you watch the video clip below answer the discussion questions with your spouse.

            GREAT Example

- Think about a time when you and your spouse struggled together?  Share how it brought you closer together.  If it did not bring you closer, then talk about what you could have done to allow it to strengthen your relationship.

- What is one thing you can do today to strengthen your marriage, so that it may last as long as Carl & Ellie’s from ‘Up’?

- Ponder how married couples can go through life’s challenges without any damage to their own marriage & be strengthened by these hardships that might otherwise end in divorce with other couples?

Remember its not the word but what the word mean to us.