Monday, January 5, 2015

Take an Interest in What Your Spouse Loves

Do the things they love.  Take interest in your spouse’s interests or hobbies.  Doing novel things as a couple is a great way to keep the love alive.

My husband loves four wheeling and his annual trips to the Dunes.  This weekend I went on a trip to the Dunes with my husband and his brother.  He wanted me to go with him and so I said I’d go.

Last year’s Dune trip was miserable, hot, and humid, so I really wasn’t looking forward to going this year.  My desire to be a supportive wife outweighed my desire to stay comfortable, so I went.

I had to sacrifice my time in order to go with him on this trip.  I’m in school right now, so I had to manage my time wisely the days prior to our departure day.  I worked from morning to night doing school assignments the first of the week, just so I could take off the weekend.  It was stressful for me and tiring, but I got it done.  I think it was worth it to sacrifice my weekend and usual school schedule in order to make my husband happy.

I don’t necessarily enjoy riding four wheelers enough to camp out in the dessert, but I do it because it is what my husband enjoys.  I like to see him happy and enjoy watching him have fun on the four wheelers. 

I keep in mind the law of reciprocity during these times.  The way reciprocity works is if I do what he wants now, then he will do what I want later.  This mentality helps me endure all his action packed movies, video games, and favorite dinners. 

Eventually when I want to do something that he doesn’t like, such as watching a romantic comedy or a really girly movie, he will hopefully watch it with me. 

Remember even if we may not love doing something we can still learn to love spending the time with our spouse as they engage in something they love.

So I challenge you to find out what your spouse enjoys doing the most, if you don’t already know and join in them next time, assuming that you’re able to.  Isn’t your spouse worth your time? 

By Tawnya